The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra recognizes the importance of addressing and bringing light to current issues and challenges in our community.  Homelessness, eviction, and the lack of affordable housing are of great concern to many. The release of Matthew Desmond’s Evicted shed further light on the eviction crisis in Milwaukee and was one of the inspirations for composer Gabriel Kahane’s emergency shelter intake form. This oratorio-style work tells the story of becoming and confronting homelessness from several angles, culminating in a performance by a choir made up of community members directly touched by homelessness, eviction, or housing insecurity. As we prepare to present this powerful and relevant work, we have partnered with a number of non-profits that work directly to provide both services to those affected by homelessness and to develop long-term solutions to end the pipeline to homelessness in our community.

We invite you to experience the piece live with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, soloists, and community choir on March 28. We also invite you to attend one or more of the pre-concert events during the month prior to the concert to learn more about what’s being done in our city, and what remains to be done to make a greater impact.


Tickets are free of charge with an encouraged donation to Community Advocates & their partners. Community Advocates will be the lead agency in the establishment of a new Rental Housing Resource Center this summer—a major intervention in the prevention of eviction in Milwaukee.  This center will provide support to both tenants & landlords through coordinating resources, education, services, and advocacy, to both help prevent eviction and assist those in the eviction cycle.  You can read more about the needed interventions to prevent Milwaukee evictions and homelessness here.

Go to Community Advocates to donate. Please select Rental Housing Resource Center from the ‘Select the Destination of Your Contribution’ drop down menu when making your donation. Thank you for your generosity and support!  Maximum of 8 tickets per order.

For additional information about this special initiative, click here.