De Waart & Brautigam

Music Director Laureate Edo de Waart invites piano legend Ronald Brautigam to perform Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 25 in C major, widely considered to be of Mozart’s greatest masterpieces in the concerto genre. Variations plays upon a theme which Brahms believed — erroneously, it turns out — to have been written by Haydn. (The Variations … Continued

Bruckner & Mozart

Jorge Federico Osorio is hailed as “one of the more elegant and accomplished pianists on the planet” (Los Angeles Times). He performs Mozart’s vibrant and virtuosic Piano Concerto No. 23.  Bruckner’s Seventh, whose music began as a dream (“I immediately woke up, lit a candle, and wrote it down,” claimed the composer), is regularly regarded … Continued

Converging Landscapes

In The Dharma at Big Sur, composer John Adams invokes the majesty of his adopted Pacific Coast and the way “the current pounds and smashes… in a slow, lazy rhythm of terrifying power.” He wrote his Dharma specifically for “the greatest living exponent of the electric violin” (BBC Radio), Tracy Silverman, who performs here against … Continued

Brahms’s Second Piano Concerto

Conductor Ruth Reinhardt makes her MSO debut on this program, which includes Dvořák’s pastoral Fifth Symphony — listen for hunting horns, folk dances, and a storm rumbling through its climactic finale. These concerts begin with Lotta Wennäkoski’s “Flounce” — a pulsing work characterized by, in the composer’s words, both “brisk gestures” and “passages of lace-like … Continued

Requiem & Song

Tōru Takemitsu’s all-string Requiem, dedicated to the memory of a fellow composer, was the music that first established the Japanese composer in the western world in the 1950s. Contrast the Requiem with the contemporary voice of another Japanese composer, Misato Mochizuki, and with the French music that influenced Takemitsu — Grammy Award®-winning vocalists Kelley O’Connor … Continued

Ode to Joy: Beethoven’s Ninth

“[Beethoven’s themes] appear and disappear, they get stretched, I turn them upside down, I pile one on top of another on top of another and create a very dynamic dialogue,” says composer John Adams of his Absolute Jest. In this Jest, which features New York City’s dazzling Aizuri Quartet, Adams warps fragments of the Ninth, … Continued

Strauss & Schumann

This heavily German program brings together Schumann’s restless and innovative Fourth Symphony; Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen, a deeply personal work of inner transformation; and an orchestral arrangement of Mendelssohn’s tale of mistaken identity. Distinguished pianist Awadagin Pratt is the first to perform a new piano concerto by rising star composer Jessie Montgomery; this premiere music has … Continued