Our Vision

    A Renaissance. A Game Changer. A Future.

    more than just a new home.

    The synergy created by linking the past, the present, and our city will be the catalyst for changing the way the MSO does business and engages with our community. Our patrons and our community as a whole will have a new way to be connected to the music, to the artists, and to each other.

    The Milwaukee Symphony Center will be a source of, and a destination for, artistry and inspiration offering opportunities that foster learning, connecting, and experiencing performances in a new way.

    • Learning — The possibilities for learning opportunities in Milwaukee Symphony Center are endless. From permanent “instrument petting zoo” installations to live feeds of rehearsals to state-of-the-art multimedia and multisensory capabilities, the MSO can tailor its educational offerings to every constituency.
    • Connecting — The audience will be able to connect to the music in a brand new way. The new center will foster a sense of oneness with the music and the artists. Audience members will also have the opportunity to connect with one another through peer-to-peer, family, and social event activities.
    • Experiencing — Audience members want more than just a concert; they want an innovative concert experience. The historic theater will be restored to preserve its exceptional acoustics and opulent architecture while delivering a state-of-the-art concert experience to help them feel they are part of the music.

    In addition to allowing the MSO to control its own destiny through fiscal sustainability and freedom in scheduling, a new hall will grow and improve the MSO artistically through rehearsal and performance in an acoustically superior hall. Performance halls are instruments that respond and resonate to the sound that its performers produce. By making the music more vivid, clear, and exciting, a great concert hall impresses a memorable auditory image on both musicians and audience members.

    The Milwaukee Symphony Center will offer patrons:

    • A one-of-a-kind, first-class experience
    • Tremendous grandeur and rich history
    • Superior, state-of-the-art acoustics
    • A 1,750 seat theater optimized for dynamic pricing and maximizing revenue
    • Nearby accessible, covered parking spaces and multiple parking ramp exits
    • Access to public transportation
    • A center aisle

    With control of its own calendar, the MSO will have the opportunity to explore artistic endeavors that require significant advanced planning and scheduling flexibility:

    • Orchestra festivals — both youth and professional
    • Artist-in-residence opportunities and large-scale community education initiatives

    A transformational project

    Supporting the new Milwaukee Symphony Center project is making an investment in the greatness of Milwaukee. The MSO is uniquely positioned to bring an influx of 1,750 patrons each weekend over 40 weekends each year to West Wisconsin Avenue.

    Outcomes of your support include:

    • A direct contribution to the stability and economic vitality of the West Wisconsin Avenue corridor
    • Building an urban corridor between the city’s lakefront and the Marquette University campus
    • Encouraging commerce and foot traffic
    • Increasing the MSO’s ability to exceed its current $39 million annual contribution to the local economy through dining, parking, childcare, and other entertainment purchases directly related to our concert experience
    • Saving and restoring a currently vacant, iconic property

    Potential for the new Milwaukee Symphony Center extends beyond the renovation of a physical building.

    Creative forces are combining all over West Wisconsin Avenue; this endeavor can be the cornerstone. Outcomes for the performing arts community include:

    • Allowing the MSO to build a sustainable future
    • Establishing an additional marquee venue for musical performances
    • Creating increased space for community and educational programming

    Milwaukee’s performing arts scene is truly among the most vibrant and culturally significant in the country. As one of the state’s premier cultural institutions, the MSO is often the gateway that brings more people of all walks of life to appreciate the performing arts. And without it, Milwaukee’s relevance as great place to live, work, and play would be diminished. It’s fitting that the new Milwaukee Symphony Center will create more space and experiences needed to move, motivate, and enlighten both longstanding patrons and brand-new audiences of the performing arts.

    By selecting this location, the MSO is making the choice to maintain the integrity of an existing cultural, historic, and architectural treasure, eliminating the further deterioration of a city landmark, and transforming it into an opportunity for economic and organizational development.

    Behind the Scenes of the Grand Theater
    Produced by the United Performing Arts Fund