transforming your orchestra. transforming your community.

A NEW MILWAUKEE IS TAKING SHAPE and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra can complete the picture.

Today, we have a singular opportunity before us: to begin a new era for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra—and unleash a new wave of civic transformation in Milwaukee. The transformation of the Warner Grand Theater opens new possibilities for our patrons, our orchestra, and our entire city—and with your support for our Grand Future campaign, we’ll bring these possibilities to life:

  • Creating intimate, immersive musical experiences that make our home a home for everyone
  • Weaving music into classrooms and communities throughout our region
  • Bringing our community together as we bring new vitality to West Wisconsin Avenue—Milwaukee’s historic main street



This project, and the campaign that supports it, will be the catalyst for changing the way the MSO does business and engages with its community. Our patrons and our community as a whole will have a new way to be connected to the music, to the artists, and to each other, creating intimate, immersive musical experiences that make our home a home for everyone.

A new hall will grow and improve the MSO artistically through rehearsal and performance in an acoustically superior hall. Performance halls are instruments that respond and resonate to the sound that its performers produce. By making the music more vivid, clear, and exciting, a great concert hall impresses a memorable auditory image on both musicians and audience members.

Renovation of the Historic Warner Grand Theater and Symphony Center will offer patrons:

  • A one-of-a-kind, first-class experience
  • Tremendous grandeur and rich history
  • Superior, state-of-the-art acoustics
  • A 1,650-seat theater optimized for dynamic pricing and maximizing revenue, as well as 150 additional seats in the chorus loft that will be available for purchase during non-chorus events
  • 1930s ambience with 21st century amenities
  • Easy access to covered parking and public transportation
  • Multiple aisles for accessibility

With control of its own calendar, the MSO will have the opportunity to explore artistic endeavors that require significant advanced planning and scheduling flexibility:

  • Orchestra festivals — both youth and professional
  • Innovative concert experiences
  • Artist-in-residence opportunities
  • Large-scale community education initiatives



Music is for everyone, and with the opportunity to expand our educational programming through our campaign, we can make classical music available and accessible to more people than ever before—at our new home and throughout our region.

  • Expanding our nationally renowned Arts in Community Education (ACE) program for Wisconsin schools
  • Expanding our free community concert series
  • Deepening partnerships with other local arts organizations
  • Offering more educational programming: Concerts for Schools, Family Concert Series, MSO and Me, pilot social impact programs



Our new home will bring the once-proud West Wisconsin Avenue corridor roaring back to life.

  • We’ll link Milwaukee’s exciting new developments together and help our entire city thrive
  • Venue and schedule that draw people in
  • Safe, convenient parking
  • Links the exciting new developments on the lakefront, at Marquette University, at the new Bucks arena, and in the Third and Fifth Wards