Arts in Community Education

    This nationally acclaimed program enhances students’ education through the integration of music and art into the school curriculum, accomplished through six ACE program components.


    • ACE integrates music and arts into daily core subjects, giving students a comprehensive learning experience
    • Nationally recognized as a model in arts education
    • ACE is celebrating its 28th year during the 2017.18 school year
    • 22 public and private schools, comprised of nine districts
    • 7,600+ students and 500 faculty and staff
    • 22 Cultural Partners – local arts organizations including Milwaukee Ballet, Skylight Music Theatre, and American Indian Center
    • Primarily for grades K through 5, also a middle school component
    • Half of participating students are minorities and half come from low-income families
    • 10 ACE schools are in the Milwaukee Public School District


    1. ACE Curriculum – Teachers receive an ACE Resource Handbook, lesson plans, integration activity ideas, project planning frameworks, musician/artist visit preparation and follow-up, an ACE repertoire CD, and more. Each grade level has a different ACE theme, which is reinforced throughout the year through all ACE components.
    2. Teacher In-Services – Six teacher in-services annually facilitate orientation of new teachers, interacting with ACE music, teaching ideas, activities, planning, etc.
    3. Musician/Artist Visits – Each year, each ACE classroom receives three visits from ACE Ensembles, which are comprised of MSO musicians and/or artists from local arts organizations such as the Milwaukee Ballet, Skylight Music Theatre, and many more! These visits energize ACE themes and classroom learning.
    4. Family Concert & Parent Newsletter – ACE involves parents as well as teachers and students. Each school hosts an ACE ensemble for a school-wide evening Family Concert and parents receive regular newsletters to update them on ACE happenings.
    5. ACE Concert – The MSO performs a unique concert for each grade level, incorporating the themes and bringing all ACE classrooms of the same grade to Uihlein Hall.
    6. Culminating Experience Project – ACE classrooms work throughout the year on a culminating group project which integrates the themes and grade learning targets and is used to assess progress.


    • Kindergarten – ACE Family
    • 1st Grade – ACE Storytellers
    • 2nd Grade – ACE Detectives
    • 3rd Grade – ACE Architects
    • 4th Grade – ACE Explorers
    • 5th Grade – ACE Inventors

    For more information about bringing ACE to your school, contact Rebecca Whitney, Education and ACE Manager, at 414.226.7886 or at

    The MSO Arts in Community Education (ACE) program is generously supported in part by contributions from the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) and an endowment from the Hearst Foundations. ACE is also funded by grants from Bader Philanthropies, Inc.; the Joy Global Foundation; the Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust; the Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc.; the Koeppen-Gerlach Foundation; ANON Charitable Trust; the CT Charitable Fund; the Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc.; the Charles D. Ortgiesen Foundation; the Krause Family Foundation; the Stackner Family Foundation, Inc.; MGIC; the Bernard J. and Marie E. Weiss Fund; the ENW Fund and the ELM II Fund (as managed by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation); and Delta Dental of Wisconsin.


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