Each year every ACE classroom receives three visits from our professional ACE Ensembles (K5 actually gets four!). Your school will receive visits from both MSO musicians and our Cultural Partners – giving you access to the best of Milwaukee’s and Wisconsin’s professional arts groups (and beyond) all in one program. The ensemble visits reinforce ACE themes and classroom learning. You can learn more about our Cultural Partners by visiting their independent websites, listed below.

“The ACE program gives us a chance to do a show for just a classroom or two of students, and that makes it so special! The dancers really get to see how impactful their art form can be. ACE is a great way to incorporate the arts into the classroom in a focused way and I’m so glad the Milwaukee Ballet has been a part of this program for 20 of its 30 years!”

-Alyson Chavez, Former Director of Community Engagement, Milwaukee Ballet, 2nd Grade ACE Ensemble

“We get to bring our music to kids who would otherwise never have heard it in their lives. We really think it opens new windows and perspectives for the kids we visit.”

-Alash (Tuvan Throat Singers), 4th Grade ACE Ensemble

“It’s been 27 years since Cuicani joined the ACE program. Now that we moved to Mexico, we still travel to the Midwest once a year for our ACE presentations. This program has an impact on children. It is a window to new worlds of sound and experiences. It is through music that we can develop values such as respect and tolerance, and open a path for the knowledge and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity.”

-Cuicani, (Instrumental Trio), 4th Grade ACE Ensemble