A well-rounded program of enrichment throughout the school year.

Four distinct ways of integrating the arts and education.

Ensembles of MSO musicians and our cultural partners come to your school.

  • Three visits per grade annually (four for K5), 30-45 minutes each
  • Students meet artists in-person and close-up
  • Includes all art forms: dance, drama, music, visual arts, and all genres
  • Energizes ACE themes and classroom learning

VIRTUAL ACE: 3 unique video ensemble presentations to be viewed on YOUR schedule. Digital Toolkits precede each presentation. One live-time virtual artist visit per grade enrolled in the program per year.

ACE supports teachers in successfully implementing arts integration.

  • Arts integration in-service trainings
  • Access to resource handbooks, online materials, mentors, and sample lesson plans
  • Networking opportunities with other ACE teachers
  • Sharing of student learning through annual arts integrated lessons

VIRTUAL ACE: Opportunities for virtual PD as well as access to ACE online resources.

“The integration of curriculum, music, art, and physical education has given our school and community a masterful opportunity to learn, grow, and belong!”

-Michelle Aprahamian, Associate Principal, Brookfield Elementary School

Students venture to the new Bradley Symphony Center in downtown Milwaukee and see the MSO live in concert.

  • Grade-specific concerts tailored to each grade’s theme:
    • K = Family
    • 1 = Storytellers
    • 2 = Detectives
    • 3 = Architects
    • 4 = Explorers
    • 5 = Inventors
  • Concerts begin with theme songs followed by musical selections that reinforce each theme

VIRTUAL ACE: ACE Concert streaming.

ACE isn’t just for students!

  • Free family night featuring an ACE ensemble, held at each participating school
  • An entertaining evening that will appeal to the whole school community
  • Newsletter distributed to keep parents/guardians informed
  • Parents/guardians/community members invited to attend the culminating events

VIRTUAL ACE: Parents have access to ACE videos and digital newsletter.

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