Music Websites for Kids:

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Interactive website designed just for kids by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

San Francisco Symphony
Interactive website designed just for kids by the San Francisco Symphony.

Classics for Kids
Includes Lesson Plans, Activity sheets, and games! Online games include the Composer Time Machine, Compose Your Own Music, Note Name Game, and Be a Rockin’ Rhythm Master!

Making Music Fun
Includes Meet the Composer and Meet the Orchestra pages with worksheets, free sheet music, coloring sheets, and links to lesson plans.

Kid’s Music Corner
Information about classical music for kids 7 to 12

Getty Museum
Interactive kids website from the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Orchestra Family Flashcards
Handy flashcards teach the instrument families that make up an orchestra


Websites for Teachers:

Scholastic Books
Resources, strategies and student activity ideas for teachers, provided by Scholastic Books.

Discovery Education
Free lesson plans for grades K-12 in language arts, math, science, social studies, and arts, provided by Discovery Education , a subsidiary of Discovery Communications, Inc.



Get To Know the Orchestra

Ganeri, Anita. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. 1996.

Guy, Suzanne and Donna Lacy. The Orchestra, The Orchestra! 2002. (For children ages 3-8.)

Hayes, Ann. Meet the Orchestra. 1991. (For younger children.)

Koscielniak, Bruce. An Introduction to Musical Instruments and the Symphony Orchestra: The Story of the Incredible Orchestra. 2000.

Levine, Robert. The Story of the Orchestra. 2001. General, child-friendly guide to the orchestra, instruments, and composers. (Audio CD included.)


Get To Know Composers

Green, John. Great Composers (Dover History Coloring Book). 2007.
(30 images featuring Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin, and more.)

Lunday, Elizabeth. Secret Lives of Great Composers. 2009.
(Graphic novel-style funny stories about famous composers. For high school students.)

Tomb, Eric. American Composers-Coloring Book. 1992.

Venezia, Mike. “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers.”
(Multiple book series, each about a different composer, written between 1994 and 2000. Available for purchase individually, or as a complete set.)