ACE Partner Schools 2023-2024

Academy of Accelerated Learning
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Academia de Lenguaje y Bellas Artes (ALBA)
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Bay View Montessori
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Brookfield Elementary
Brookfield, Elmbrook School District

Clement Avenue School
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Fernwood Montessori
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Friess Lake Elementary
Hubertus, Holy Hill Area School District

Hartford University School
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Highland Community School
Milwaukee, MPS Charter

Lake Country School
Hartland, Lake Country School District

Ralph H. Metcalfe School
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Ninety-Fifth Street School
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Parkside School for the Arts
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Richfield Middle School
Richfield, Holy Hill Area School District

St. Joseph Academy
Milwaukee, Private

St. Sebastian School
Milwaukee, Private

Stormonth Elementary
Fox Point, Fox Point-Bayside School District

Swallow Elementary
Hartland, Swallow School District

Walt Whitman Elementary School
Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools

Wisconsin Virtual School

Woodlands School Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee, Charter

Woodlands School State St.
Milwaukee, Charter


From Administrators, Educators, Parents, and Students:

“As an administrator, I am most impressed with the value of this program and what is has done for our school. The integration of curriculum, music, art, and physical education has given our school and community a masterful opportunity to learn, grow, and belong!”

-Michelle Aprahamian, Former Associate Principal, Brookfield Elementary

“I have had the pleasure of participating in the ACE program since 2001 as both a music teacher, and as a parent of ACE students. The arts integration component helps students make connections across all subject areas, creating a rich academic experience. When students are learning through ACE, they are more engaged, interested, and involved in their learning. We are proud to be an ACE school!”

-Jessica Marks, Music Specialist and ACE Parent, Academy of Accelerated Learning, MPS

“The ACE program has helped me in a personal professional quest to move beyond “the box” and integrate the arts into the standard curriculum. But the real gain that can be seen is in my students, who not only learn better and get deeper into content but learn to imagine. They too begin to see beyond “the box”.”

-Diane Van Slyke, 4th Grade Teacher, Parkside School for the Arts, MPS

“I would not be the teacher I am today without this wonderful arts integration program. I have seen the ACE program fill in the gaps in a student’s educational experience whether it be through the connection of the arts with math, science, reading, or social studies! The ACE program is a wonderful learning experience for both students and adults!”

-Scott Malcom, Music Specialist, Brookfield Elementary, Elmbrook School District

“I love all the ACE visits at the Kindergarten level. The students enjoy learning about the Family of Music and are actively engaged in the presentations.”

-Stacy Klapperich, K5 Teacher, Friess Lake Elementary, Holy Hill Area School District

“As a teacher, I am grateful to the ACE program for providing me with the push, resources, support and inspiration to go beyond basic elementary music curriculum. And when I see students responding, with enthusiasm, appreciation, understanding, and excitement…I know it is definitely something that is worth doing. Participating in the ACE program connects us.”

-Laura Blanco, Music Specialist, Friess Lake Elementary, Holy Hill Area School District

“We really like all the different ACE visits and how we get to interact with the performers. We also really like going on the fieldtrip to the MSO every year to see the ACE concert!”

-Melody and Belle M., 5th Grade Students, Academy of Accelerated Learning, MPS

 “I loved learning about all the really cool instruments. The people had amazing talents and it was interesting to hear the different sounds and types of music. I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of jobs about music.”

-Eve O., 4th Grade Student, Friess Lake Elemenatry, Holy Hill Area School District

From ACE Artists:

 “The ACE program provides an invaluable service to all children from various communities and backgrounds. The kids are always excited to see and hear the instruments up close and are inquisitive. They always learn something, they’re open to the experience, and their questions demonstrate the interest and excitement this program can generate in young minds.”

-Carl Storniolo, Percussionist, K5, 1st Grade, and 3rd Grade ACE Ensembles

“I love showing the students how our very different instruments, with different voices and specific strengths and weaknesses, complement each other when we play together. This is a concept they can relate to outside of their exposure to music and the ACE program. We are all different, but when we work together, we can do great things.”

-Jenny Bouton Schaub, MSO Flute and Piccolo, K5 ACE Ensemble

“I really enjoy how we get to involve the students in our performance. It’s incredible to have them so close to us! We get to travel to many different schools and perform for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. It definitely shows that dance and art are for everyone!”

-Natalie Payne, Dancer, Milwaukee Ballet, 2nd Grade ACE Ensemble

“We get to bring our music to kids who would otherwise never have heard it in their lives. We really think it opens new windows and perspectives for the kids we visit.”

-Alash (Tuvan Throat Singers), 4th Grade ACE Ensemble

“The ACE Program is so important for the Milwaukee community because many schools that we visit do not have a general music class. It’s very fulfilling to share music with young people - their genuine reactions remind me of how it felt to experience music for the first time.”

-Paul Hauer, MSO Violin, 3rd Grade ACE Ensemble

“Children come together in a creative way with the program. I love watching faces light up when a student has an idea to add to their story. In seeing the enthusiasm, potential, and process applied I see an entire universe of possibilities.”

-Kitty Dyble Thompson, Visual Artist, Former 1st Grade ACE Ensemble

“It’s been 27 years since Cuicani joined the ACE program. Now that we moved to Mexico, we still travel to the Midwest once a year for our ACE presentations. This program has an impact on children. It is a window to new worlds of sound and experiences. It is through music that we can develop values such as respect and tolerance, and open a path for the knowledge and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity.”

-Cuicani, (Instrumental Trio), 4th Grade ACE Ensemble

“It has been our honor to expose 5th graders to improvisational jazz. We are also very glad to have the students see women playing great music!”

-Connie Grauer, Mrs. Fun (Improvisational Jazz/Funk Duo), 5th Grade ACE Ensemble

“Regardless of where we’re performing our ACE show, we see, hear, and feel the impact music has on these young students and their teachers. As we welcome each class into the room for our presentation, you can not only feel and hear their excitement, but see the wonder and curiosity on their faces.”

-Josh Phillips, Former MSO Horn, K5 ACE Ensemble

“The ACE program gives us a chance to do a show for just a classroom or two of students, and that makes it so special! The dancers really get to see how impactful their art form can be. ACE is a great way to incorporate the arts into the classroom in a focused way and I’m so glad the Milwaukee Ballet has been a part of this program for 20 of its 30 years!”

-Alyson Chavez, Former Director of Community Engagement, Milwaukee Ballet, 2nd Grade ACE Ensemble