Founded in 1992, the mission of Danceworks Performance MKE (DPMKE) is to enhance the joy, health, and creativity of the community through performances, classes and outreach activities that integrate dance and other art forms. DPMKE contributes to Milwaukee’s cultural vitality by sparking a lifelong interest and participation in the arts. Danceworks Performance MKE is committed to taking arts and arts learning beyond the studio and theatre and into the community by creating work that resonates with diverse groups of people.


Danceworks Performance MKE serves more than 67,000 children, adults, and seniors each year through the following programs:

  • Original choreography & performances by Danceworks Performance MKE
  • Our Danceworks Youth Performance Company where members train all year long and participate in a season of themed dance concerts in Danceworks Studio Theatre, and out in the community
  • A year-round experimental venue for local and national artists called DanceLAB
  • Nearly 90 weekly dance and dance fitness classes, workshops and camps for youth and adults at our downtown studio and at satellite locations
  • Dance and arts programming for older adults (ages 50+).
  • Dance and arts programming at schools in Milwaukee and surrounding communities, such as Mad Hot Rhythm, Danceworks Generations, and more!


Our classes, programs and performances are dedicated to helping every student of the arts reach their fullest potential, both physically and mentally. We believe that all people benefit from dance and other arts activities. We strive to create an environment in which each student develops self-discipline, self-confidence, and enthusiasm for the performing arts. Danceworks Performance MKE is made of up a dynamic team of individuals with a shared passion for the arts. We honor the importance of partnerships, alliances, and shared opportunities through collaboration, both behind the scenes and center stage.