2023 lullaby project playlist

Symphony by Dylan with Stephanie Birr

Three Mighty Men of Valor by Regina with Beth Giacobassi

Angel Fish by Anne with Ryley Northrop

Our Journey by Knight with Meaghan Heinrich

Deano by Trisha with Beth Giacobassi

Mommy's Little Girls by Brittney with Stephanie Birr

Everything is Irie by Tangela with Meaghan Heinrich

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Tusz. Recorded onstage in Allen-Bradley Hall.


2022 Lullaby project playlist

Sophie's Zoo by Sophie with Beth Giacobassi

A Lullaby for Legend by Canyra with Meaghan Heinrich

House on the Moon by Rich with John Tanner

Mi debilidad y fuerza (My strength and weakness) by Marlene with Meaghan Heinrich

Trophy in the Attic by Julie with Eric Segnitz

Quiet Space and Time by Tracy with Beth Giacobassi

Recorded and mixed by John Tanner. Recorded at Tanner-Monagle, Inc.


2021 Lullaby project playlist

My Foundation is in Your Name by Rachel with Beth Giacobassi

Angel's Lullaby by Angel with Paul Hauer

Piece of You, Piece of Me by Demond with Meaghan Heinrich

We Found Our Way by Jill with John Tanner

Mama's Here by Aerial with Meaghan Heinrich

Love No Matter by Christiana with Eric Segnitz

Recorded and mixed by John Tanner. Recorded at Tanner-Monagle, Inc.


2020 Lullaby Project Playlist

Never Alone by Erika with Eric Segnitz

My Miracle, My Unicorn by Emerald with Meaghan Heinrich

Sweet Lullabies by Chavontae with Maeghan Heinrich

I Pray You Will Be Happy by Malisa with Beth Giacobassi

Without the Rain (There is No Rainbow) by Laurel with John Tanner

Baby, Baby, I Pray That You Succeed In Life by Rosie with Beth Giacobassi

You Are My Heart by Constance with Paul Hauer

You Are My Everything by Jaye with Paul Hauer

The Moment I Saw You by Monica with John Tanner

Recorded and mixed by John Tanner. Recorded at Tanner-Monagle, Inc.


2019 Lullaby Project Playlist

Stay Strong as Life Goes Along by Samantha with Beth Giacobassi

Unbreakable by Melissa with Eric Segnitz

We Can Turn Our Nightmares into Dreams by Monica with Beth Giacobassi

Larzy’s Song by Alianne with John Tanner

My Beautiful Unicorn by Carrie and Hazel with Eric Segnitz

Because of Love by Adrianne with Paul Hauer

You by Nicole with Meaghan Heinrich

Surrounded by Love by Brandi with John Tanner

Recorded and mixed by John Tanner and Jeremy Tusz. Recorded at Tanner-Monagle, Inc.


2018 Lullaby Project Playlist

Your Perfect Lullaby by Jasmine with Eric Segnitz

Summer Rose by Suzanne with Maria Myles

Wishes (Ava’s Song) by Jessica with Eric Segnitz

Zakkiyya’s Song by Zakkiyya with Meaghan Heinrich

Beautiful Child of Mine by Shawana with John Tanner

Carmelo by Emilee with Maria Myles

William & Stanley by Linnet with Maria Myles

My Beautiful Angels by Dawn with Eric Segnitz

Future Kings & Queens by Tonja with John Tanner

Recorded and mixed by Ric Probst and John Tanner for Tanner-Monagle, Inc.