About the Grand Theatre

A Storied History

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OnMilwaukee.com's Bobby Tanzilo gives an in-depth look at the Historic Warner Grand Theatre's history and rich architectural details.
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President Mark Niehaus gives a video tour of the current space.
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A Place to Call Home

The Historic Warner Grand Theatre is located on West Wisconsin Avenue, equidistant from the lakefront and Marquette University.

The Warner Grand Theater was built in 1930 for vaudeville and cinema. Its preservation and transformation into a permanant home for the MIlwaukee Symphony will illustrate Milwaukee's time-honored commitment to the arts, while recalling the past and creating a vibrant and sustainable future.

Originally designed as a movie house, the space is an acoustic treasure and architectural work of art. Its stunning three-story lobby reflects the high Art Deco style of the late 1920s and early 1930s, with its marbled piers under the silver-leafed plaster of the geometrically molded ceiling, towering etched mirrors, and two giant chandeliers. The theater space itself is adorned with touches reminiscent of the Rococo Style.