Get Involved—Be Engaged.

What do you look for in a volunteer opportunity? Community betterment? Fostering the imagination of a classroom of children? Interacting with local musicians? Rediscovering your passion for music?

If any of these topics struck a chord, we invite you to join our 500 volunteers and explore the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s volunteer league, Forte! Founded in 1959, Forte supports the symphony through educational outreach, community engagement and event-driven fundraising. By offering our time and skills, we foster lasting and committed relationships while helping to secure the long-term sustainability of the orchestra. 


Forte volunteers

Opportunities include:

  • Ushering concerts for young people
  • Becoming a docent for a classroom of children preparing to see the orchestra
  • Developing and running fundraising events like the Symphony Soiree onstage
  • Greeting at the Salon series, concerts for small groups in exclusive homes around the city
  • Participating in our corporate volunteer program, either individually as an expert or as part of a team-building initiative

Be an instrumental part of our success.

Forte volunteers impact nearly 40,000 people annually, including 20,000 school-age children. They sit on the MSO Board and inform volunteer opportunities throughout the MSO. We invite you to join Forte, and bring your own skills and passion to the Milwaukee Symphony as we build up the arts in our community. Where do you see yourself making a difference?  

Forte loves to hear what their volunteers are saying about their experiences; check it out!

Peter - I volunteer because Milwaukee deserves a great orchestra and the orchestra deserves to know and grow its diverse audience. Crescendo bridges the gap between musicians and concert goers, and is making the MSO more meaningful within the Milwaukee community. 

Alex - ​Frankly, I volunteer because the symphony is important to me.  It was essential in shaping my childhood and adolescence - prompting thoughtful escapes, shared memories, and new experiences.  I want to show my appreciation of those opportunities by sharing my story and encouraging other people to explore previously unfamiliar or inaccessible music.


Questions about Forte? 
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