Lullaby Project Spotlight: Jeanyi Kim

Erin Kogler

Tagged Under: #GivingTuesday, 2018.19 Season, Lullaby Project

1.   What was it about the Lullaby Project that made you want to participate in the pilot program with Sojourner Family Peace Center?
Having children has really changed the lens through which I see life, and my purpose. There is a special bond between a mother and child, and a purity of love and joy that one experiences. It seemed like a beautiful and meaningful way to use music to express that bond.

2.  What was the most rewarding and/or memorable part of the experience for you?
For me, the most rewarding part of participating in this program was hearing the truly touching and impactful stories of some of the challenges that the women I got to meet overcame, and how they wanted the lullabies to serve as lasting gifts to their children.

3.  Do you have any special songs or lullabies that you share with your family?
In my own family, my children both had a mobile that played Brahms’s lullaby, which we would also hum to them. And, probably because our own parents sang them to us, I often sang a Korean nursery song called “San Tokey Tokeyo,” and my Brazilian husband sang “Nana Nene,” a traditional song from his culture.

 Jeanyi Kim is Associate Concertmaster (Third Chair) of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. We’re sharing stories from participants in our 2018 Lullaby Project, launched in partnership with Sojourner Family Peace Center last season, as we gear up for #GivingTuesday, November 27. Learn how you can support our community programs like this initiative at