All bags are subject to search at both the Marcus Center and the Pabst/Riverside Theaters. It is recommended that you plan to arrive 30-45 minutes before curtain to allow time to go through the security check. Please leave large bags at home or in your car.

MARCUS CENTER: All bags will be inspected by trained security personnel for prohibited items. The venue requires that all bags allowed in the theater are no larger than 8"X11”. Larger bags and backpacks/bags are prohibited from entering the theater. Bag check for larger bags after inspection at the venue entrance is available. For your convenience, we suggest you make other arrangements for larger bags whenever possible before entering. Read full bag policy.

PABST/RIVERSIDE THEATER:  All bags are subject to search. The venue requires that all bags allowed in the theater are 13″W x 4″D x 9″H or smaller. All other bags including backpacks and oversized purses are strictly prohibited and bag storage is NOT available. Read full bag policy.



ALL VENUES: Weapons of any kind (including mace or pepper spray), laser pens, signs, banners, backpacks, oversized bags, electronic smoking devices (vapes, Juuls, etc.), outside food and beverages including water, cans, bottles, alcohol, illegal substances, firecrackers or noisemaking devices, iPads/tablets, selfie sticks, laptops, professional audio recording devices (unless approved by artist), and any professional photography equipment are prohibited at the performance venues.

MARCUS CENTER: The Marcus Center reserves the right to remove or refuse entry to patrons who are found to have prohibited items in their possession. Find full list of prohibited itemsPABST/RIVERSIDE: Find full list of prohibited items.