While we can't be together at a concert for now, our dedication to bring you wonderful music remains! Welcome to Milwaukee Symphony Musical Journeys. Hosted by Music Director Ken-David Masur and featuring interviews with Milwaukee Symphony musicians, these recordings are hand-curated by Maestro Masur from the orchestra’s extensive audio archive. Check back every two weeks on Friday for a new episode to enjoy.

Ken-David Masurhost
Nicholas McGegan, special guest

Recorded September 24 – 26, 2010
Edo de Waart, conductor
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Suite from Appalachian Spring (1945 orchestration) (Begins at 3:46)

Recorded April 21 + 22, 2018
Asher Fisch, conductor
Bella Hristova, violin
Milwaukee Symphony Chorus
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Three American Pieces for Violin and Orchestra (Begins at 32:21)

Recorded March 9 + 10, 2007
Nicholas McGegan, conductor
Thomas Cooley, tenor
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
“Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast” from The Song of Hiawatha, Opus 30 (Begins at 1:00:13)

  1. You shall hear how Pau-Puk-Keewis
  2. Then the handsome Pau-Puk-Keewis
  3. III. He was dress’d in shirt of doe-skin
  4. First he danc’d a solemn measure
  5. Then say they to Chibiabos
  6. Onaway! Awake, Beloved
  7. Thus the gentle Chibiabos
  8. VIII. Very boastful was lagoo
  9. Such was Hiawatha’s Wedding

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